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Twinmotion What's New 2022.2

15/02/2023 11:12

Twinmotion 2022.2


Super-high-res rendering and HDRI Backdrop

Render very high-resolution—up to 64K—images and videos, using a tiled rendering technique—great for content intended for large displays such as billboards and video walls! Plus, you can now export Panoramas and Panorama Sets at 16K resolution.

In addition, there's a new HDRI Backdrop feature that enables you to place a model in the context of an environment or studio setting and to have it realistically affect the lighting on the model. We've included hundreds of new HDRIs to get you started.


Sketchfab integration and hundreds more native assets

Leading web modeling platform Sketchfab is now integrated into the Twinmotion library, providing drag-and-drop access to over 660,000 free assets across four Creative Commons license categories. 

Meanwhile, new Twinmotion native assets are now released on the cloud every month. Since Twinmotion 2022.1, we’ve added a total of 660 new assets. These include high-tech objects, musical instruments, backyard objects, entertainment objects, and sports equipment, together with over 200 new posed humans in four categories.

Physics-based asset placement

We’re offering Early Access to a new tool that enables you to use collision and gravity simulations in real time inside the viewport for object placement. You can simply drop objects naturally inside the scene and have them collide and tumble according to their bounding boxes. 

Support for handing smaller scenes

We’ve made a number of changes that make it easier to work with scenes of any scale, including new units, two additional slower navigation speeds suitable for interacting with small products, and the ability to reduce the camera's Near clipping value and Field of view.

Enhanced import and export

It’s now possible to import a model in the widely used glTF format directly into Twinmotion. You can also now export images and panoramas in JPEG or EXR formats, in addition to PNG. And lights in Datasmith scenes are now imported as Twinmotion lights.

Twinmotion Cloud enhancements

We’ve added support for significantly more complex Presentations by increasing the limits on RAM usage by 4x, and on VRAM usage by 1.5x. 

In addition, stakeholders viewing Presentations or Panorama Sets on tablets or mobile devices can now look around the scene simply by moving their device, thanks to new motion sensor support.

Plus, we now generate code that enables you to easily embed a Presentation or Panorama Set in an external website. Check out the new Twinmotion Cloud page for some examples.

Increased productivity

This release offers a number of small enhancements that add up to increased overall productivity, including the ability to import multiple files at once and to easily group multiple objects. We've also created more accurate shortcuts to match other 3D software’s navigation styles, and added more styles to choose from.

Performance and scalability enhancements

Under the hood, we now apply a texture compression algorithm to textures, reducing the memory requirements. You can expect around 75% texture memory saving with almost no visual quality impact. There's also a non-blocking warning when you reach certain levels of VRAM usage. 

Extended platform support

Twinmotion 2022.2 adds support for Windows 11 and macOS Monterey*, extending your choice of operating systems. 

*Note: While Twinmotion is able to run on M1 chipset machines, M1 chips are not currently fully supported or leveraged.
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