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14/12/2021 13:54

On March 25, 2021, Faculty of Bridge and Road, Middel University of Civil Engineering (MUCE) and Baezeni Software Company coordinated to organize cooperation ceremony on ADSCivil Solution in transport infrastructure design.

The ceremony was taken place for lecturers, and final-year students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering as well as other department in the University. This is an opportunity for them to access the necessary knowledge and skills about the profession and automatic solutions. It is also a chance for all to discuss and share about the field.

The ceremony attracted a lot of students, and lecturers of MUCE and businesses and other individuals concerning the topic in Tuy Hoa city.

Representative for Baezeni Software Co., Ltd., Mr. Ta Minh Duc - Marketing and Sale manager with his associates who directly develop product and other technical experts attended.

Representative for MUCE, Dr. Trinh Hong Viet – Vice President of MUCE; Head of departments and lecturers in the Faculty of Bridge and Road participated.

In the opening speech, Dr. Nguyen Kim Cuong - Dean of the MUCE Faculty of Bridges and Roads emphasized that the lecturers need to research and update new features and applications in the ADSCivil software suite in the design of transport infrastructure to improve the quality of software teaching. Thereby improving the training quality and training associated with the practical according to the main goal of the University.

In addition, Mr. Ta Minh Duc - Marketing and Sales Director of Baezeni Software Co., Ltd. introduced the overview about company and ADSCivil software - the company's main product. ADSCivil is a comprehensive set of software solutions for infrastructure design, including Vietnamese design standards, language Vietnamese-English, always up-to-date, suitable for the latest AutoCAD version, advance design features for intersection design and RAMP road design, etc. give engineers a powerful tool to design infrastructure accurately and efficiently.

Moreover, representative for Baezeni Software Co., Ltd also described following important contents:

– ADS Survey: Editing survey data and maps;

– ADS Road: Designing Road;

– ADS Level: Designing and calculating the leveling volume;

– ADS Road marking: Designing traffic organization and status report;

– ADS Sewer: Designing drainage network;

– ADS VPV: Simulating virtual reality of works.

At the end of the ceremony, Baezeni Software Co., Ltd. awarded the software license to MUCE Faculty of Bridge and Road and 100 software keys was also given to students to support them in learning and researching. Dr. Nguyen Kim Cuong also sent a special thank gift to Baezeni Software Co., Ltd after receiving the license.

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